It took a while …

Watch that first step, it`s a long one…

It took a while, almost year and a half, to finally start writing on my blog, but now I`m here, with an intention to stay. I run out of excuses and decided that today this post will be created.

Where should I start? As this blog should be about my journey on the “Path of software testing”, I would like to give you a couple of details from my “past life”, just to see what experience I have brought into testing.

I`m now in my forties , and I started working with 18. I have worked different jobs: waiter, bartender, bar manager, Computer Service technician, IT assistant, Customer Support, Editor in Chief, Business Secretary, IT Administrator, Assistant Professor at Colledge and Computer Science Teacher at Grammar and High School. It was a long and bumpy ride, which gave me an opportunity to acquire a lot of different skills.
In 2013. I was working at 5 workplaces in parallel and decided that I have to change my job, so I started researching. What could I do? I love learning, challenges and computers, so I needed to investigate further. After several small talks with friends and their friends, this investigation had led me to software testing. As I started to read about ST, everything just clicked, that is it, that is something that I would love to do, that is something that I have been doing unconsciously for the last 15 years.
Then I went on  my first job interview for a position of a Software Tester in a company with good reputation about the maturity of software testing process, and after several follow ups I was accepted. At that moment, I was not aware how lucky I was to start working in that company and to have a great mentor.
But, that would be a topic of my next blog post.

See you soon…



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