Failing and learning, and again failing, and again learning…

Today I had an inspiring session with my mentor from Speak-Easy program, as I have a big goal  – becoming a speaker at international testing conferences. As every great mentor, she asked the right questions to help me find answers I was looking for. We were talking about my proposal for the conference talk, it was about how to learn faster to keep up with trends in testing, and it has several good ideas I can work on. But, it is not structured good enough to be accepted by conference selection board. It does not have a catchy title, and again I tried to talk in general instead of specific problems and ways to overcome them.  Ok, this feedback will guide me in writing  a new proposal, as I intend to be a speaker at conferences.

And again, I have learned a new thing today.  I have failed to be accepted, but that is nothing that will stop me in trying again, and again, and again… As this is a natural path in learning, fail, stand up, learn from your mistakes, and keep going. Do it gradually, step by step, and it will pile up quickly.

Like, when you have a task that you really do not like doing, like writing this blog post. I love sharing my experience, but I hate writing, and that is one thing that I need to change. So, how am I doing it? I’m applying one of learning techniques, Pomodoro technique. It is usually used to fight procrastination when you are trying to escape from some obligations or things you do not like doing. Let me give you a quick intro into this technique. You need some kind of device to measure time, this technique has been inspired by this kitchen alarm clock


How does it work? Important thing is to time frame your work, start with shorter intervals, 15 minutes of work followed by 5 minute break, 4 iterations will get you to 1 hour of work without noticing. After a couple of days, increase time interval to 25 minutes with 5 minute breaks, again 4 iterations, this time, it sums up to 100 minutes of work, more than 1 and half hour. And that is it. No need to increase work time, just add more iterations, but with a longer break, 30 minutes after 4 iterations.

I have written this article in 3 25-5 minutes iterations, and it did not hurt a bit 🙂

Now, you can use this technique when you have to do some not so pleasant work to do, like writing bug reports, documentation or learning your kid algebra, it works. You are reading evidence 🙂

Happy learning!


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